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International Merchant Account

International Merchant Account to take your business to next level.

We are providing the international merchant account as a part to credit card processing that would cater the services to certain industries. With our credit card processing unit, we keep a complete track record of the credits and retain updated records. Our basic work at Payment Mantra is to provide help to those offshore companies with an updated account registration process and other management relating to the accounts.

Our business includes adult websites, telemarketing, online pharmaceutical organizations, online games and others. We are serving with a priority based and high risk service which relates to the offshore sourcing and would accept with the virtual transaction process.

Advantages of our International Merchant Account

We provide International merchant account at Payment Mantra, would generate some of the best features with our services.

Our services are extended to a wide scope relating to merchant bank even though the merchant end up with paying a higher transaction fees.

With our service, there are no currency issues and processing done from any currency to other without any delay or any kind of normal transaction problems.

The virtual payment is generated in the form of shopping carts that is positioned on the websites along with protection feature generated for fraud protection.

This is done with perfect installation into the system, up and working for the clients.

Additional Services Provided by Payment Mantra with International Merchant Account

Our services are being provided for internet based international merchant account which allows the user to transact over the internet for any of the buying and selling process. The merchants can also obtain a virtual terminal or a payment gateway service from Payment Mantra to provide with perfect transaction through the necessary software.

We also deal with high of telemarketing merchant accounts, adult merchant accounts, travel merchant accounts and many more. This is quite easy and effective with no effective charge back through the customers, generating excess returns and more time with execution of the order.

Our service is facilitated online with purchasing process that would help in collection of payments from end customers. This is facilitated with net banking, credit and debit cards. This is considered to be an intermediary to assemble with best options like online payments being offered by various banks, cash and even international brands. This is a single platform which is associated to make on the payment in best way possible.

Service priority

Our international merchant account is going to generate with some exclusive elementary financial help. Rather we can say it as a perfect payment solution providing with an ability to accept credit card payments from the consumers globally. We generate with a perfect e-commerce solution through which merchants can accept with and even process payments for more than 160 currencies.


We at Payment Mantra generate with a wide range of facilities with trusted knowledge banking partners. Our work is generating a perfect global exposure and even an outstanding customer support.