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ACH Payment Processing

We can help you make ACH payments with less headaches and less expense.

Payment Mantra delivers the convenience of electronic payments via multiple payment solutions and payment methods, including ACH payment processing options. Having credit card solution does not give the flexibility to merchant to collect the payment from all customers. For many merchants, this can be a missed revenue opportunity. Payment Mantra flexible ACH Payment Processing and eCheck payment options offer a secure alternative to credit card payments if you are selling your product or services to USA market.

Providing multiple payment options at the time of checkout ensures that your online business can survive all potential customers who are willing to use your product or services, regardless of their preferred payment option.

Payment Mantra stands out from the competition thanks to our innovative API payment solution and our extensive vertical experience and expertise. When you partner with Payment Mantra, you can rest assured that your echeck processing is in safe hands.

Expand your Business with Payment Mantra

Your global reach and increase your online sales volume by accepting online eCheck or ACH payments from your customer based in North America. ECheck or ACH solution is a common solution for USA and most of the customers are aware about the same, so you may accept the payment with no hassle.

Benefits of ACH Payment Processing
  • Offer additional payment acceptance options to convert more sales.
  • Provide an alternative for customers regardless to credit cards.
  • Reduce the risks ratio common to accepting physical checks.
  • Protect the credit rating of your business.
  • Shorten check payment acceptance period.
  • Access processing reporting to rectify payment errors in nearly real time.
How ACH payments work?

The customer makes a request to send money to a merchant, and ask for authorization for the same;

Merchant authorizes the request and provides written, digital or verbal authorization of the payment (including ‘terms and conditions’ for the customer to accept) in order to make the payment.

The customer lodges their payment via the ACH (Automated Clearing House) network, which sends the money to the RDFI (Receiving Depository Financial Institution) for processing of the check payments.

The merchant receives their funds and provide the goods or services to the customers.